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Thermal printers are in great demand and not to doubt many retailers already switched to this cost-effective, reliable, and efficient technology. The reason behind using a 2-inch thermal printer is it allows integration with different types of printing and labeling systems. In fact, many retailers are using RFID technology for the inventory management system. What else? Well, there are several other benefits it offers, so let’s have a closer look at its benefits.

1. Lightning – Printing Speed is fast

When you have ink printers, it would take more time for the printer to physically put ink on the page. Certainly, it’s not a big deal in general but when your customer is waiting in a queue to get his receipt printed, it matters a lot.

With the use of a thermal printer, ink is taken out and allows lightning-fast images in seconds. It ultimately means leads to fast customers’ checkout, more customers served; fast shipping label printing & more products sold. In short, more work is done by few employees.

2. Cheap Thermal Printing

Anyone who has a printer knows very well how much it is expensive to replace the ink cartridges. With a thermal printer, you can eliminate unwanted hassles as it’s inkless. These 2-inch thermal printers use heat for printing images on paper that eliminate the need of spending money on printing ribbons or ink cartridges which almost went out of ink at the wrong timings. Retailers can save enough on the operational cost by reducing the need to ink supplies.

3. Less Maintenance Needed

Every retailer cautious about the timing and he knows a minute delay in printing can increase the long queues for customers. The workflow can easily disrupt if the printer gets jammed or breaks down in any circumstances. Hence, to avoid such a type of situation, it’s good to buy a printer that requires less maintenance.

Since thermal printers do not have several moving parts like traditional printers, there are fewer chances to get a break. In any case, something goes wrong with your thermal printer, it won’t take much time and very easy & cheaper to repair.

4. Workflow efficiency gets improved

Though conventional printers work perfectly, yet still they are not free from ink-related issues. The biggest hurdle for employees is to replace cartridges and ink ribbons from time to time that ultimately leads to long delays. On the other hand, a 2-inch thermal printer resolves such types of interruptions in a few seconds.

5. The quality of images is quite better

Reputation matters for any business. This is the reason why several companies are spending on technologies like caller ID reputation and other quality check procedures. Therefore, when it comes to quality, you must remember that the receipt is something your customer takes home with them.

Does it ever happen to you where you removed a receipt or label and you noticed ink smudges when touched? Or maybe the image faded or ink was running low. Well, it happens because there is no ink present to smudge. Thermal printers create long-lasting and clear images that are easy to read and capable of enduring damaging factors including water damage, extreme weather environments, or UV rays.

Now, you must be clear why retailers don’t take a risk to avoid thermal printers in their shop. If you are thinking about where to buy thermal printers, then F2C Technology is a one-stop destination for your requirements. Here, you can avail yourself of plenty of options at affordable prices without struggling much. So, why wait? Grab the best offers right now!

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