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Installing Label Printer Driver on Mac and prepare before use

Installing Label Printer Driver on Mac

  1. Beforeinstallation, please ensure the printer is connected and turned on!
  2. Double clickthe “mpkg” installer to begin.
  3. Followthe installation steps until you receive “Installation was successful” message.


4. Click


phomemo-pm-246-16and go to “System Preferences” -> select “Printer & Scanners”



5. Click “+” to set up a printer



6. Select “Label Printer “-> click “Add”


7. Set “Label Printer” as default printer


Prepare before use

1.Open desired file (e.g. a PDF). ClickFileand choose “Print”. Select “Show Details”


2.Choose a paper size.

If the size you need is not listed, then click “Manage Custom Sizes, input width and height, then click “OK“.

3. Select “Printer Features” in “Preview”, you can set up printer properties, suchas “Media Tracking”, “Darkness” and “Print speed”.


4.Select paper type in “Media Tracking”. Choose from “Continuous”, “Gap” or “Black Line”.


5. Set the print density in “Darkness”. Choose Darkness level (0-15). Factory default is “7”.


6.Set the print speed in “Print Speed”. Choose speed (2~6 in/sec). Factory default is 5in/sec.


Installing Label Printer Driver on Windows and prepare before use

1.Double click the installer to begin.

ATTENTION:Before installation, please ensure printer is connected and turned on!


2.Follow the installation steps until you receive this message.


3.After installation, go to “Devices and Printers” -> right click on “Label Printer” -> set as default printer


4.Select the paper type.

Open “Devices and Printers” -> right click on “Label Printer” -> choose “Printer Preferences”


You can choose the size you need in “Paper Name”. If the size you need is not listed, then click “Manage” to create needed size (input the size of “Paper Width”,”Paper Length” and “Paper Name”, then click the “save” to archive.).


5.Set up Print speed and Darkness

Open “Devices and Printers” -> right click on “Label Printer” -> choose “Printer Preferences” -> click “Advanced”


Select “Print Speed”. (Speed can range from 1-6 in/sec. Factory default is 5in/sec.)


②Select “Print Density”. (Density can range from 1-15. Factory default is “8”.)


Printer is printing blank labels?

1.Your labels are loaded in upside down

Please ensure your labels are properly loaded. The print side is facing up. See the image below:


2.Ensure your labels are “Direct Thermal” labels.

3.Press the Feed Button (the top circular button) and hold it until you turn on the printer, release. Printer will print a test page.If test print looks good, please try to print your label again.

print out not clear, so grainy and illegible

Changing your label type and size are the main causes for the printer skipping labels or continuously feeding.

Printer hasn’t learned your label. Please try the following steps to solve these problems.

First step

Re-run the automatic label identification.

①Disconnect the USB cable from your printer, then simply press and hold the Feed Button for 3 sec.

②Printer will move the label back and forth to determine the gap size and other properties of your label.

③When the label is at the tear off point; re-connect the USB cable to the printer and resume printing.

Check the video “Automatic label identification

Second step

If your operating system is sending a longer / shorter label to the printer. You need to change the label size.

For Mac

Select or input label width and height that matches label size installed in printer in prompt window.


For Windows

Open “Devices and Printers” -> right click on “Label Printer” – > choose “Printer Preferences”


You can choose the size you need in “Paper Name”.If the size you need is not listed, then click “Manage” to create neede size.(Input the size of “Paper Width”,”Paper Length” and “Paper Name”, then click the “save”to archive.).


Third step

The application you are using (e.g. Adobe Reader) could be overriding your driver label setting and sending the print in a larger / smaller size to th

I get horizontal label instead of vertical label

You can setup printer to rotate it for you automatically.

For Mac

Open a desired file and printing->click“Show Details”-> select printing direction in”Orientation”


For Windows

Open “Devices and Printers”-> right click on “Label Printer”->choose”printer preferences”->select “90” under “Rotate”


Barcode is not printing clearly

Reason 1: The source file may not have been created with the ideal quality.

Solution: Print the sample label to test if your printer is working well.

If the sample label is good, check the file quality.


Reason 2: High print speed or density.

Solution: Try reducing your print speed (try 3 in/sec) and density (try 3 as well) to see if you get a better result.

For Mac

①Select “Printer Features” in “Preview”


Set the print density in “Darkness”


③Set the print speed in “Print Speed”


For Windows

①Open “Devices and Printers” -> right click on “Label Printer” – > choose “Printer Preferences” -> click “Advanced”


Set the print speed in “Speed”


③Set the print density in “Density”



Q. How to install Windows & Mac Driver?

A: The package contains USB Disk, which contains instructions, driver files and installation videos. You can use it on Windows and Mac OS.

Q. Why i am printing blank labels or printing labels incomplete?

A: (1) The most common reason is that your labels are loaded in upside down. Please ensure your labels are properly loaded. The label that you peel off should be facing the ceiling when it comes out of the printer

(2) Ensure your labels are “Direct Thermal” labels.

(3) If printing a PDF file, perform a print preview before printing and adjust the zoom ratio. And if the PDF document is too large, you can use “Acrobat Reader DC” to crop the document to make the printing effect better.

(4) Place the thermal label paper correctly, then find the green button (FEED key) on the printer surface, press or hold for 3 seconds, and let the printer automatically identify the label paper size.

(5) Change the paper size in the computer printer properties. For example, to print a 4×6 shipping label, please set the paper size to 4×6 inch or 100*150mm in the computer printer-printer preferences.

Q. Why can't I print after installing the driver?

A: This may be because the print port is occupied. Please set it in the printer properties of the computer and change a different USB port.

Specific operation: computer equipment and printer – printer properties – port – select other USB ports (USB001~USB003)