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Unlike conventional printers that make use of ribbon for applying ink to the surface, a 4-inch thermal printer is quite different. Direct thermal printing makes use of heat which ultimately creates an image when it’s heated. The parts of paper when heated by a thermal print head, it produces images, barcodes, and symbols. The best part of thermal transfer printers is they use both inks as well as heat.

Since some people are not aware of thermal printers’ fun facts, let’s get some details about these super cool printers!

Demand for Thermal Printing is blowing up

The popularity and demand for thermal label printers are surging day-by-day as they can print barcodes and labels in the industrial retail industries, mobile, and desktops. The growth is almost doubled from the year 2012 to 2020. However, the majority of its usage remains to be confined to the applications of industries.

Thermal Printers make clean images

If you are using thermal printers for a long time, then you must be aware of the fact that, unlike traditional printers, it confines ink quite effectively. These printers are highly recommendable for those applications where clients require clean and crisp images. The ink won’t bleed and runs on the paper that often happened in previously used printers.

Two colors can be used

We all know that thermal printing is typically related to functional uses of barcodes, hence the black color is generally required. But, it’s also possible to avail of 2 tone thermal printers. The paper can be heated into 2 different temperatures where one produces black color and another color is red.

You need repairs if a barcode issue arises

Certainly, you are using the best technology but barcode issues may occur from time to time, especially when your printer requires service. If you notice that the barcode looks fine but it doesn’t scan or read poorly while taking a long time, easily read line for horizontal barcodes but having incorrect width for vertical barcodes, it means the thermal printer is not at its place and it’s time for maintenance.

Unlike other applications or industries, you can’t take this problem for granted. If it’s having broken parts or outmoded, just call nearby professionals to get it repaired as fast as possible.

Applicable to several industries

It doesn’t matter which kind of business you are running, it’s quite essential to use thermal printers for daily work. They are very helpful in theaters, street parking meters, warehouses, venues, sports arenas, retail stores, carriers, parcel industries, and so forth. Any specific industry which relies on scanning can leverage the benefits from a printed label whose characters and bars remain clear and crisp over the long haul.

Wrap it up!

These are some of the most amazing facts about thermal label printers. If you are still wondering where to get the best quality printers, F2C Technology is a one-stop destination. Even, if you want to get your thermal printer to get repaired, then you can call our professionals. We are always available for you!

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