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Finally, got your TSC Barcode Printer? Well, congratulations on finally saving some money on your annual barcode and ticket budget. Now when you have made the much-needed purchase, it is time to install the new TSC printer to use it for various purposes. Fortunately, the process of setting up the TSC printer is easy as they are designed for ease of use at every step of the printing process. While you can completely rely on your knowledge, having clear instruction on the side can further help you to ensure you are on the right track.

How to set up a TSC printer?

Setting up the new TSC printer for barcode printing is not rocket science but still many people require help with one or two steps. Here is what you need to follow while setting up TSC Printer:

Step 1: Download DiagTool or TPM from the TSC site

To deliver a better experience to its customers, TSC offers two different free easy to access tools; DiagTool and TSC Printer Management. While DiagTool allows you to explore and manage the TSC printer setting, TPM simply helps to enable more than two printers at the same time from anywhere.

Visit the Supports and download page to find the link to download DiagTool and TPM according to your printer models.

Step 2: Once you have downloaded any of these tools connect your printer to your PC through a USB cable.

Step 3: Open up the TSC tool you have downloaded earlier, and find the menu

Step 4: Set up the WiFi and restart the printer

That’s it, you have successfully set up the TscTe 244Pro Barcode Printer. Now when you have set up, let’s proceed with other FAQs regarding the TSC barcode printer.

How Can I Create a new label?

Creating a new label on TSC is far much easier than other advanced printers thanks to the tools that you can download from the official site. To proceed, open the standard bar code on the TSC tool where you will find a list of already configured objects. You can choose the object you love and drag it to the label. Once done, you can proceed with printing new labels.

What is the TscTe 244 Price in India?

The TSC printer range is quite affordable to use making it an ideal printing solution for companies ranging from startups to large-sized organizations. On a further note, you can easily purchase a TSC Barcode Printer at a Price of 14000 from For more information visit the website today!

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