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Organizations are making use of technological tools to boost efficiency and productivity. It helps them to perform better operations. However, advancement in technology helps in creating the desired edge for various businesses. One such important technological tool to boost your business’s operations is a 58mm Bluetooth printer.

This mini printer is helpful for various businesses, such as logistics, retailers, parking lots, cinemas, and more. Its can print desired information instantly on-demand. Furthermore, it helps you to save time, money, and effort. Hence, you get a competitive edge.

Wondering what are some other benefits of using a 58mm Bluetooth printer? Here we share with you some major advantages of using portable Bluetooth printers.

1. 58 mm Bluetooth printer is convenient to handle

Since a 58mm Bluetooth printer is very lightweight and compact, it’s very convenient to handle. A battery-powered Bluetooth printer helps in prolonging operations in any industry. With better Bluetooth connectivity, the mini printer can easily connect to any specific device such as a computer, POS, or mobile phone.

One major benefit of using Bluetooth-enabled printed is its Field Network Automation. It further improves the productivity of various operations. Meanwhile, it provides a faster way to print and transact invoices. Therefore, it’s easier to ensure better efficiency without any error.

2. Quick packaging and shipping process

You can even use a 58 mm Bluetooth printer in Transport & Logistics business to print labels. With the use of mobile printers, the operations team up to print labels just before shipping to the customers. The barcodes are also easy to scan at its distribution center while confirming the proper placement of the storage bin. So, there won’t be any risk of choosing the wrong items while scanning and placing orders in the right position.

3. Reduction of errors

The 58mm Bluetooth printer can help you reduce errors by printing the right labels. You can print the labels for various industries, including pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, parking lot, and more. The printed labels are easy to identify with barcode scanners. Meanwhile, you can send the information to the main system for further identification.

When used in a parking lot, a Bluetooth printer can help car owners to print receipts for parking. It also helps them to reduce any chances of dispute in parking meters. It’s because there are less chances of human error.

4. 58mm Bluetooth printer is your cost-effective solution

Another major benefit of a Bluetooth printer is cost-efficiency. Accuracy of printed labels and low cost of maintenance help in reducing the overall cost of printing. Hence, many businesses are likely to get a better ROI on their investment in less time.

5. Improves the shopping experience

A portable point-of-sale (POS) system and a quick printer can help you reduce queue lengths. Meanwhile, it improves customer satisfaction. It even helps stores during busy periods, such as special sales and holidays. Likewise, movie theaters and other events can make use of this small printer. They can use it to manage large crowds while reducing queues.


Bluetooth printers by F2C Technology help businesses to improve their efficiency and productivity. Since our printers are quick and compact, these are convenient to handle. Meanwhile, due to their quick processing, you can manage things with ease. Hence, you can have better returns on investment. If you need a high-quality Bluetooth printer for your store or business, order our mobile printer today.

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